The Speaking section is the first thing you will encounter in the Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE) exam.
It will appear as a single section together with the writing section. Approximately 50
20/25 minutes of the time given in this section, which lasts minutes, is reserved as the speaking section, the rest
while the duration will be the writing section. The speaking section will generally be your Fluency and
Pronunciation (word pronunciation) is the most important section to measure your skills. In the PTE exam,
Since you are taking an exam against artificial intelligence, the speaking section actually becomes a more advantageous section.
In the exam, you will see five sections in order from the Speaking section.
1- Read Aloud
2- Repeat Sentence
3- Describe image
4- Re-tell Lecture
5- Answer Short Question

Pearson Test of English Academic (pte) examine your writing ability under two main headings.
This section is the second stage of the general exam. The scores for this section are given below.
from two titles, as well as Reading&Writing Fill in the Blanks (reading), Summarize Spoken Text
(listening), Fill in the Blanks (listening) and Write from Dictation (listening)
is coming.
The two main headings of the writing area are:
1) Summarize Written Text
2) Write Essay


Pte exam reading section will appear in the second place in the exam. This section is about 30/40
It takes minutes and consists of 5 separate tasks. PTE exam is mostly for academic purposes.
Since it is an exam that determines the level of English language used, the reading section
The questions have a specific content such as various social sciences, natural sciences, natural sciences.
It is taken from academic sources that are at the intellectual level. Reading section questions
be at the level of specific academic knowledge about all these resources when answering
It is not necessary, because the questions of these sources given as text are also in the text.
English grammar, vocabulary and sentences to answer Reading questions
It will be enough for us to understand their structure.
The reading section of the Pte Exam consists of 5 parts.

1-Reading & Writing: Fill in the Blanks

2-Multiple Choice Multiple Answers

3-Re-Order Paragraphs

4-Reading: Fill In The Blanks

5-Multiple Choice Single Answer

The Listening section is the 3rd section of the PTE Academic exam. This section covers your spoken English.
It measures your ability to understand. As you may hear different accents in this section at the same time,
It also measures your understanding. The Listening section takes approximately 45-60 minutes in total.

1-Summarize Spoken Text

2-Multiple Choice,Multiple Answers

3-Verb in the blanks

4-Highlight the correct summary

5-Multiple Choise,Single Answer

6-Select missing word

7-Highlight incorrcet Words

8-Write From Dictation