Let's talk about the repeat lecture format, which is our 4th task of the Speaking section…

In this section, 60-90 seconds of audio recording is played. We are asked to summarize what is meant to be told in the audio recording.

To be successful;

We must use our time efficiently.
We should note the sentences in the audio recording played.
We have to make inferences from the sentences in the audio recording.
After this short preparation, you will be given 7 seconds to start and 40 seconds to summarize the audio recording.

As in the describe image section, we provide our students with helpful guide sentences to help them get an extra 40 points.

The most important tactic!

Our students who want to be successful in the PTE speaking re-tell lecture format can easily get a high score with the summary text they will create by choosing the synonyms of the words specified in the audio recording.

As always, we need a lot of practice in this section.

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