PTE defines the image format that depicts the kings that everyone loves. Most of our candidates take this part seriously.

What is the official definition?

In the PTE exam, it is given to you visually for you to describe and describe. At the end of 25 seconds of preparation time, the microphone is activated and you begin to explain your picture images. You should make inferences about the image you are going to describe. These subtractions are easier to download 80/90 by combining our general sentences.

How many come from the describe the picture question?

In the description picture section, you will see 3-4 questions.
Example question and solution

We call these kinds of questions cake graphics…

At the beginning of the sentence;

The given picture gives us information about the (most appropriate sentence for the title in the image) reason why people left the UK.

It is a very beautiful picture and i have to speak for 40 second about this picture… (our aim is to make meaningful extra sentences against artificial intelligence and pass the time)

From the picture i can see ……. (the words you see in the picture)

From the picture i can see ….. ( the numbers you see in the picture , ratios )

From the picture i can see …. ( the inferences you see in the picture , the information to be explained )

and as the closing sentence, we produce a sentence depending on the image. You can also use our ready-made sentences.

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