One of the frequently asked questions, "One Line Reading Aloud Strategy" …

What is usually a single line strategy? let's talk about it.

There is an opinion that if the candidate reads a single sale sentence that will determine the main explanation in the Read Aloud section, he will get 90/90. There are many foreign institutions that do this with videos and images.

So is it really working? Let's discuss together…

Pearson PTE leaf intelligence has a matching structure for every sentence to be read or spoken.

In other words, if the specified 60-word sentences match, it starts to score points. Pearson PTE is a system that updates and improves its own artificial intelligence. Natural listenings you can't use this system the one line strategy at all!

While there are videos of this strategy being worked out on many platforms such as YouTube, they were all seen in a trial test of Pearson's publications. Even if there are reviews in practice tests, this is never possible in the real exam!

Pearson manages to update its own artificial intelligence by following all the speed on YouTube.

The attempts of platforms with such videos to attract attention and views can mislead the candidates.

You can get the most accurate and up-to-date information from Turkey's first and only artificial intelligence scoring PTE Marine.