How much is the PTE exam fee ?, where to apply for the PTE exam ?

Exam fee is different in each country. There will be an update in the exam application fee soon. You must pay this fee with a credit card or coupon. You pay the fee when scheduling an exam appointment on Pearson PTE's own website. Visa, mastercard, troy etc. cards should be used for payments by credit card. Do not use your card with American express, otherwise you will pay 1.5 times the exam fee.

Candidates who do not have a credit card or who do not want to enter their credit card into the system can do this by contacting PTE Marine.

How to create an exam application?

Candidates who want to make an exam appointment at PTE, although it may seem a bit comprehensive, can be created in a few minutes. Some of the factors to be considered are;

1-Make the username of your Mypte account your e-mail address!

  • Since the candidates have difficulty remembering the username, we recommend that you make your username and e-mail address that you will create in their mypte accounts.

2- Everything including your name and surname must be in English characters.

  • You will be asked for many information such as your home address, the name on your credit card. Please enter all this information in English characters.

3-You must use a credit card for the payment method.

-You can block your account using a debit card. Use credit card.

4-Do not use American express!

-Fees to be transferred from abroad, such as Amex, are charged 1.5 times.

5- Check your e-mail address! - Candidates who create an application for the exam will receive an e-mail. Check that your application has been approved.

You can review our video on how to apply for PTE exam that we have published on our YouTube channel.