I can't remember the Repeat Sentence sentences in the PTE exam…

Hello everyone, one of the most common questions I can't repeat the sentence I heard …

First of all, you should not rush to be successful in this section. One of the common mistakes is trying to say the whole thing even in the first practical sentence…

Crawl forward instead of running!
Don't worry about hearing the whole sentence. In the first place, it will be enough for you to hear 3/1 of a 9-word sentence. By strengthening the foundation over time, you will have achieved a good ear saturation.
Listen to lots of podcasts!
By taking a look at the question pool, you will not leave your success to chance. We rely on our platform in this regard. Thanks to our students, 50% of the questions on our platform consist of questions from Turkey.
You may have a B12 deficiency!
Yes, this does not sound good, but irregular sleep, irregular nutrition, important factors affecting health may have reduced your ability to learn. For this, take care of doing sports for a short time and eating healthy.
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